Clay Pre Order 9/10

Clay Pre Order 9/10

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These items are available at a later date roughly 8-10 weeks but if longer you'll be notified. Please use the drop down menu to select your name and make payment. This is for CLAYS ONLY. Payment of bows is to be made upon arrival of clays or your order will be forfeited. You must purchase bows for these clays to be attached to if you don't once these clays arrive your order is forfeited and not refunded. These clays are non refundable for change of mind or because you decided you no longer want to wait ect. By pre ordering you agree to these t&c's and are legally bound to them. No codes/discounts are to be used on clays you may use your code when paying for bows though.


Michelle Day
1x #2 Pastel Baby Unicorn (rainbow)
1x #1 Sweet Ballerina (green)
1x #3 Princess Fairy (belle)
1x #4 Gold Reindeer

Alice Stephenson
1x #5 Pastel Baby Unicorn (purple)
1x #6 Sweet Ballerina (red)
1x #8 Superhero(batman)
1x #3 pastel Baby unicorn
1x #1 Flash
1x #5 Dreamy Fairy (orange hair)
1x Alice Princess Face
1x Brave Princess Face
1x #6 Princess Fairy
1x #4 Candy Unicorn Face

Megan Hayes
1x #2 sweet Ballerina
1x #2 Princess Fairy
1x #3 Fancy Mermaid w/pumpkin
1x #5 Captain America

Alice Stephenson
1x Ariel Princess Face
1x Rudolf Christmas Clay
1x #4 Candy Girl
1x #2 Spiderman

Abbey Rose Field
1x #6 Pastel Baby Unicorn
1x Belle Princess Face
1x #1 Dreamy Fairy
1x #2 Ice Girl
1x #1 Luxe Unicorn Face
1x #3 Luxe Unicorn Face

Teagan Lovelock
1x #2 Pastel Baby Unicorn

Kirsty Lee
1x #5 Pastel Baby Unicorn
1x #1 Rudolf Christmas ones
1x #2 Santa Head Christmas ones
1x #9 Hulk
1x #4 angel Christmas one
1x Rapunzel princess face