Clay Pre Order 9/9

Clay Pre Order 9/9

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These items are available at a later date roughly 6-8 weeks. Please use the drop down menu to select your name and make payment. This is for CLAYS ONLY. Payment of bows is to be made upon arrival of clays or your order will be forfeited.

Kim Pearson
- Jasmine
- Cat in the Hat
- Groot in Pot
- Alice in Wonderland
- Purple Witch

Jess Ward
- Jack Glow in the Dark
- Sally Glow in the Dark

Renee Marie
- Baby Ghost Glow in the Dark
- Pumpkin Girl
- Gothic Girl White Hair/Dress
- Gothic Girl White Hair/Black Dress
- The Grinch

Rhiannon Thelan
- Groot in Pot

Caitlyn Hickey
- Pink Llama #1
- Jasmine
- Pikachu Girl

Megan Hayes
- Snape

Natalie Jane Kent
- White Llama #5
- Brown Llama #2
- Cinderella Princess
- Green Dinosaur

Kristy Jarvis
- Ana - Elsa
- Light Blue Carebear
- Peppa Pig